Friday, 24 January 2014

Floods: Joke of the Week

This is draft 3 of this joke.  There was a misguided segue into 'It's raining men' in draft 1 - actually that was fun, it might come back.  Draft 2, compared David Sylvester with the previously dismissed UKIP counsellors but was too convoluted for it's own good.  So here's where we stand at present.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Looking for Love: Joke of the Week

Last time I tried to do a weekly joke of the week in 2012, I only posted the ones which worked perfectly. Naturally some weeks I posted nothing.  This year, I'm going to post the jokes whether or not they are the final version. The Egyptian puppet joke from last week has now got two more punchlines than the version I posted and the first half of this week's joke (the Lost Cat) is being rewritten as a treasure hunt.  However I'm posting the first draft version anyway as these Jokes of the Week are works in progress.

Here it is.